1/3 of the Free Flow

I am dreaming I am on the beach in Australia Again. I want to get lost on the Gold Coast. Things are relatively relative I would say. These fireside sessions have changed my entire perspective. Let’s just walk away from the emotional

side of it all. Let us just be. The amount of sun in my life today makes it hard to be upset at anything. Another skateboard ride to Venice Beach. Another match struck to the receiving end of a spliff. Some days when it seems especially cold I can feel the hole in my chest. All the years of pressure will do that. I saw it all once in a dream. To believe something so real and so strong can be born from such destruction and heart ache has restored my faith in humanity. I shall once more bathe in the Sound garden. One thousand thank you’s to the soldiers of the black sun. Love lies just across the Red dawn. It is just one third of the free flow. I prey to the gods of many faces as I keep a weather eye on the horizon. Simply grateful for the opportunity to compete in the great arena. Just there on that beach. Your dreams lie, take them, they are yours.

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