9 Lives Press Release

The sound of electric guitars, synthesizers, thunderous drums, and what sounds like 90's grunge rock rap echoes from an abandoned waterpark in Barstow, California, just on the edge of the border, follow the desert road just a little further and you'll be out of California altogether, headed straight towards crazy. Tarot Cat has been relatively quiet since they popped onto the scene with their debut single "Jawmonsterz," however, in a fashion very familiar to these space cowboys; it seemed they were now summoning the dead. In a fashion both ancient and traditional, yet also futuristic and uniquely commanding; the second single from a band of alien subspecies known only as WTB, Lowsa, Razr, and Matthew James comes '9 Lives' just as the song implies, this Rocket propelled grenade of a follow up single brags all your typical tarot. One rap verse, one singing verse, a joshua tree giant rock type of bridge with a chorus that reminds me of lightning rods. "The greatest magic trick you played on yourself IS, NOT BELIEVING" I hear Razr belt out over the perfect symphony of rock/rap that is Tarot Cat and smile to myself, knowing how true that statement really is. with the elusive style of this bands behind the scenes song composition and production, coupled with the light promo and BTS they leak to keep us all satisfied I eagerly await single three from Tarot Cat while keeping '9 Lives, and Jawmonsterz" on repeat. You can bump '9 Lives' following the links below.

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