The business owners, no matter what field we are speaking of are the only ones that are truly free. Yeah, they get their share of problems and issues, a different set of them entirely. Regardless, it is different because they are fighting everything. They are creating everything for themselves, and in turn, their business and interests. This also in turn takes care of those that work for them. That is though, those positions, not the people. As long as the positions of operation are there, the people can be added or subtracted where, and if need be. Tough situation if you ask me. Very tough. I do not wish to be an extension of it. Ultimately, it all goes back to them. When I refer to them, I mean the mental plane, the emotions, the analytical way. This all hits me like a ton of bricks as the morning joint is inhaled. We’re walking the dog, it’s a crisp Los Angeles morning, smelling of slight opportunity. After the joint, and the dog does his business. We will insert ourselves into the rat race I am desperately trying to leave. The one I am complaining about on this walk.

“The natural human response to such actions is to pursue escape and glory most often in the mental world. They try to provide a moments release from the yoke of servitude. Therefore people try to cram thirty years of free living in one eighth of the life they have. The four hours after work, the two and a half days a weekend. You get the point, the lion’s share of one’s time is not devoted to what they really want, and the cramming, and escapism begins. Yet you wonder why so many young people resist it, run from it, fear it, or ultimately expire due to it.” I say to my roommate. He’s not paying attention, or is he? I suspect a concoction of both.

“Then the ones that don’t by the time it’s all said and done when they look in a mirror they don’t even recognize themselves. Simply put, all they have to show for it is something called money. I will tell you right now, I have seen this firsthand: nothing is worse than a person who only has money.” I have reached my pinnacle. The dialogue self destructs, and the morning continues as per usual. dull, stagnant.

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