I am a pirate, in his truest form, I would trade a moment of misfortune for a lifetime of freedom. I would trade the house of cards that is society for loyalty from a chosen few. I would take face value political relationships that people often use for personal gain and happily trade it in for true love in any form. Even if I spend years alone, dreaming of something that may never happen. I would rather that than a jungle of artificial fruit swinging from cardboard branch to cardboard branch, waiting to fall to my death.

Hope is my drug, hard work my bottle, freedom my high, and life my fair maiden. As I can imagine, at this point you are conducting inventory on yourself and wondering if you do or do not fall on the spectrum. If you are not, you should probably start, or put this blog away.

The forthcoming content is my last will and testament to my opinions on the current landscape we are creating and destroying faster than ever. Amongst all the bullets and shrapnel I was blessed with the understanding that the key to life is to give more than you take, and there is a divine simplicity to all of it. this notion rivals the invention of the wheel.

Of all the wondrous developments that have been built in my head in the monopoly game of my emotions, the one that is “Park Place” so to speak, the prime time real estate is the apologetic ness. The explanation for such wild measures and anger infused existences.

“I owe a great many apologies and explanations, I owe a great many an understanding. I now will try to give that to any and all on a broader scale. I feel it is my duty to do so.” My state of affairs speech has begun it would seem.

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