Boze Angeles

He was struck by the sight of the mountains below as the airplane made it’s descent. Hovering in his mind was the lingering awareness he was on to something. A chain reaction of some sorts. If it was possible to walk with god, was he doing it? Who could ever entertain the idea this was possible through a rock solid belief system, as well as one single idea. Ideas are bulletproof. Ideas are the single

most powerful thing to exist on planet earth. That is at least, from where I stand. The Tarot Cat lurks near. How many of us have 9 lives? I laugh to myself then have a brief panic attack at the thought of what I said to all those girls when I was hammered. I move on. Success heals all wounds. Or does it? Sometimes that is just the way of the world. Plus, you’ll never have a 100% approval rating. Who would want to anyway? That would be quite boring. I lick my lips at the thought of making more music. In just a few moments we leave for three days of exactly what I need; unplugging in the wilderness, camping, and forgetting about just about everything that I wish to forget about. That is at least until I get cast into the maelstrom once more. Trying and succeeding at creating a solid foundation. Tranquil, despite the chaos surrounding me.

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