Follow The Arrows...

The fate of your entire life's dream; the livlihood of the brave soldiers who fight at your side, the sake of your family crest, and the answer to one million questions lies within the success of this mission. you must grant yourself the opportunity to have an opportunity to change the world.

Mountains or beaches? the most famous of questions. I can never truly answer that question (beaches.) as razrfish as I can be, I do love the mountains, snow, and all the festivities that accompany it. the truth is, i'm far too aquatic to ever be too far from the ocean.

I wake up from my daydream..

"beware of the eye.."

The pen was felt tip. there was an elegant hue to the look of the semi-dry ink as the characters placed themselves on the paper. Each day everything grew rapidly. Each day things felt more real. The electricity was it's own gravitational pull. Something was calling him, but he was calling back.

The ocean floor could easily be the most peaceful place on planet earth. The entire world was but a fleeting whisper. The sound of analog was calling to us.

"Again!" he yelled through the breeze so the ghosts could torment them once more. It feels like the perfect night to dance to jazz. The perfect night to toast to pain. Isn't that what everyone is always toasting to?

Follow the arrows was what the clouds had said.

"vest to ya chest and ya breath went missing." he says to himself, it is know the world his emotions would live in. The paintings were all burning. he was now a true iconoclast. it seemed the city was too, lastly his heart was burning as well. Thinking of her once more. Destruction was her love language. Fireworks were everywhere. She was searching within herself for what she thought she was supposed to say, and what she was supposed to think. The feelings were in a cloud over her head levitating in an impenetrable forcefield. He felt incredibly similar, however, he knew what it was. It was all the pain, it was all the trauma. Nothing made much sense to people of those types.

Now came the ritualistic walk to the grocery store for dinner, some tea, and some beer. the essentials of course, this all came with a spliff for the walk. Also, essential.

"How happy can one man get?" he says aloud to his dog lying in the sun on his living room floor. The walk would be mildly postponed due to a woman yelling at another woman outside his apartment until the cops arrived. His first thought was how sad it was to see so many people so lost and upset. Everyone, legitimately everyone was just breaking down.

"Follow the arrows.." he chuckled to himself. He always loved that saying..

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