I Soar

This blog to me is kind of like “how not to do it.” The suspense is just jaw-dropping, isn’t it. I feel the rush I feel the energy. This day has come. It has finally come, and with it brings an influx of morals and feelings I only felt as an audacious child. Moments before beginning my journey. “I think I want to be a Dad?!” I have come to realize that accepting and embracing the bittersweet realities that accompany any sort of success worth talking about. Grounded by the realization I both am, and am not. It is not neither nor, rather both and…

Floating around the intellectual river, down the stream of consciousness he elects the crucial yet seldom taken path to truth.

this is the hard way.

he tattoos the ideologies of the warrior on his sole.

So much became magically forgotten. Left on the shores of uncertainty. Left on the shoulders of a broken child. Flowing through the blood of a destroyed adolescent. Yet, he was re-born. The tides had shifted. Fate had spoken. Still, so much to do. Count your blessings, pay the bill, and move on. This is your first mission. Allow it all to create what has already been constructing itself in the shadows for a decade straight. “Let me out!” Screams the boy. It seems the age of mysticism is dead. It is time to BE the way. His mind was no longer thunderous. He was truly exhausted, broken, and covered in pain from head to toe. There was no longer any size-able amount of time for slow change to progress.

I have my gaze set upon one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen In my life. That would be the Los Angeles sunset. I am viewing it from a high cliff perched over the Pacific Coast highway one, in the pacific palisades. I’m smoking a joint, not a spliff. Interesting right? That motion in and of itself is similar to a solar eclipse In terms of composition and frequency. I am tired

But I soar.

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