February 2nd, 2021

For immediate Release

Los Angeles, CA, USA


The season is autumn. The location is the famed and allured Los Angeles, California, and the year is 2020. Just under a year ago the entire world experienced something in complete synchronicity that no-one other than the sci-fi genre saw coming.. A worldwide pandemic. As the world shut down to contain the widespread COVID-19 virus, it seemed there was another virus brewing, a different virus, the COVID-19 Counterpart: Creativity. Facing global issues both inside and outside their homes and minds, the world seemed to turn in unison to the bright minds and creators of the times, as a way of not only entertainment, but therapy, and ultimately understanding and peace.

No different from the great many described forthwith comes the most unlikely trio the world and/or pop culture has seen in quite a while. It reminds us all of the shooting star Hailey’s comet type of art Netflix has been dying to make a bio-pic about. Enter Noyzr, the production company ran by Matt Norman, and William Thomas Brunet. Created early in the underground scene of Berlin, Germany’s bustling music scene came the production company that had seen it all, done it all, and now had come to the number one market in the world to finish their empire. Los Angeles.


Matt and Will crossed paths in 2010 performing in the underground punk scene of Berlin. The two friends enjoyed sharing the stage and participating in various high octane underground rock projects together. Both members of this prestigious European underground scene had ambitions to take over the underground scene of the US as well. The goal for it seems all members of Tarot Cat are the biggest stages the world has to offer.

Will flew across the pond in 2017 after spending a year in London heavily touring and writing. After taking down the European circuit he knew that once he made it to California he would have to waste no time finding various projects and hitting the road to tour and spread the word of the new skill in town.

As all this was unfolding In the meantime Matt was still based in Berlin touring with his band FAUSNHEAD and contemplating the idea of moving from Bellaphon records to Rough Trade in the UK while still producing in his own Studio K61 in Berlin. After Brexit the complications to go and perform in their main market made it clear to the NYC native that it was time to head home. After spending some time in the city and experiencing a one year Nashville interlude Matt finally set sail to Los Angeles and reconnected with Will. The duo combined their strengths and experience to found NOYZR and take on the city of angels. In this time of chaos they vow to bring to the country the long awaited music revolution!

However, the story of the band we now call “Tarot Cat” does not stop at the production titans of Noyzr music. For just on the other side of L. A. On the west side by the beach was an unlikely ruffian with no manners, surfing, drinking, smoking, singing, rapping, and planning a massive campaign towards global success musically.

Get acquainted with Razrfish, as he is hard to miss. Razr is a lyricist’s lyricist, and a man deeply influenced by both technical and hardcore underground east coast hip hop, as well as classic rock ’n’ roll, and alternative rock. This background of both Razrfish and Noyzr come together to form what they call none other than a ‘super organism of musical experiences’ which is exactly what their debut single “Jawmonsterz” is.


A thundering drum beat, coupled with the distorted guitar coming in to the raspy and mischievous yet, thunderous voice of Razrfish “Cat hit harder than a death in the family,” he utters, simply being descriptive, not arrogant.

The song seems to be a declaration of sorts, with such a strong contrast of verse to chorus, the verses being top level hip hop, with instruments to match. While the chorus is reminiscent of none other than the 90’s grunge rock we all miss so much. The simple genre mix and sound, as well as style this trio emulates SCREAMS big leagues.

For, it seems to be everything the music industry is missing currently. It also seems to be the creative spark with just enough angst, anger, energy, and teamwork to surely be a sign of the times, and maybe the vaccine to this pandemic.times, and maybe the vaccine to this pandemic.

I will break it down to you like this; Tarot Cat is the rock/rap trio coming out of Los Angeles California with their first single dropping early in the first quarter of 2021, just as the pandemic seems to be subsiding, or ramping up for a second offensive, i guess it depends on your political affiliation.

Their goals are as vast and infinite as is their vision. They plan to roll out a couple more singles, their frontman Razrfish has hinted at an EP saying, “an EP is for sure a possibility, but those were always the strip clubs of musical releases, I like singles or full length.”

They have all voiced as a unit that the goal is numerous LP’s,worldwide touring, music videos, documentaries, and interactive podcasts, as well as marketing schemes, an amazing and unique merchandise line; and lastly some kick ass southern California rock that we all miss so much! Just remember, don’t sleep! but how could you? these guys are the alarm clock •••


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