Napalm Surgery

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

My name is Razr and I am a musician, and the coffee is starting to cool down. However, my temper is heating up. Upsetting, I know. I always have been, always will be. A musician I mean, I always have been a musician, I always will be. I'm not upsetting. Things for better, or for worse went down exactly how I thought they would. Yet I still unraveled like a tarp covering the sacred materials from the treacherous rain. pain is real, pain is strong, pain defines us. Happiness to me has never existed. It was always the floating castle in the sky. Someplace we had to go on great expeditions to come in contact with. It has always been attained through unexplainably hard work. I have never stepped into a rehab willingly, and I never took a drug prescribed by a doctor. I always felt that I was born just as I was. Contrary to my serious wrestling with self worth, and the drugs that came with it. I maintained that if x amount of pills were necessary for you to live, or x amount of days where someone is following you around making sure you don’t do drugs, then you weren’t well at all. You would just be another scripted grey blob in society’s maelstrom. I wish to answer all questions…one at a time.

If it is too real for you. Simply close it, forming a posse and commenting on peoples instagram accounts will do nothing. I know there are people influenced by the writing that have good “jobs” and nice lives, so I hope this feels as anonymous and ambiguous as possible.

“Who knows if the time will ever present itself?” I say to myself. Impatience isn’t my strong suit.

“Just trust the process, do not lie to yourself.” I continue to repeat. Pain not withstanding, it seems life dishes lethal amounts of truth serum daily. Strap in your seatbelts. It’s time for us to learn something…

Below you are some quotes I’ve heard throughout my travels that will help you understand the creeds I follow....

“You are the sum of your ten best friends”

“A Strong Body could Never conquer a righteous mind”

“A gentleman is one who never hurts someone else’s feelings unintentionally”

“You made your own bed, now you must sleep in it”

“A Man without a story is a man who will be forgotten”

“A man who does not fight or stand for his ideals should never be surprised at the position life has placed him in”

“Do you listen? Or do you prepare to talk?

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