Nostalgia Pharmacy

There is no light without darkness, and hatred is a symptom of love. Hatred was just love that lost it is way on the path to deliverance. This is something that we have allowed to happen far too many times. Furthermore, we are the only ones to blame for this misplacement of precious cargo. Ask yourself this, have you ever hated anything you did not ever love? Don’t answer that, you already lie to yourselves enough.

The drive back to the apartment in West Los Angeles forecasts some classic hip hop mixed with in and out dialogue like our conversation was the ad libs for Nas’s classic album ‘Illmatic’ This conversation has grown redundant, I begin to drift.

A childhood doesn’t die fast thats for certain. There are certain ghosts from the past that can’t help but linger.

Nostalgia is a strong hallucinogen that often paints the memory as either worse or better than it was. That little bit of makeup on a memory can be a real problem to the fragile mind of a young adult knee deep in an identity crisis.

“The whirlpool that is adolescence I have given name to. I like to call it God’s Rubik’s cube because in my eyes, it is just that. To get out of it with all the colors in the right places is like walking through a minefield blindfolded.” I make this proclamation to myself as I climb down the rocks of the jetty, it’s time for the second surf session of the day, the waves are picking up. The waves in the ocean, not my head. I thought you picked up on that.

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