The definition of Snow-blind is as follows: A burn of the cornea (the clear front surface of the eye) by ultraviolet B rays (UVB). Also called radiation keratitis or photokeratitis. The condition typically occurs at high altitudes on highly reflective snow fields or, less often, with a solar eclipse. I became snow blind, it was metaphorically of course. There had been an eclipse of the mind that brought me to a high altitude of mental existence. The existential shift brought forth, the snow blind razr.

I come to out of my blissful state. I have been meditating all morning.

She really has a way about her let me tell ya... just when I think she is gone forever, or the world has finally flipped upside down. She comes strolling in with that devilish grin, knowing that her & I are bound together by fate....once more we shall dance the night away. I will wake up, and she will be no more.

I think we really have done it this time. Something just feels so different in the air, it is hard to explain. It just needs to be felt, needs to be taken In. SO much has happened so fast, literally just six months time and The entire world changed. One year ago is borderline unrecognizable to me. It is tough for me to fully write and explain it. It is all too fresh. It needs to be computed still.

Tony the tiger was always the best mascot hands down. Followed by Captain Crunch, obviously. I say this to myself as I make a vegetable egg-white omelette. I finally got a yoga mat, now I stretch for thirty minutes or more daily. I CAN NOT believe I lived for so long without this practice. I am in a full blown debate with my subconscious right now. Just another existential civil war. This has now become standard issue. The machines are a part of me. We are also all a part of the machine. Isn’t it funny how things just find a way to coincide on the highest of levels. I finally don’t feel empty, really in any way that I can describe the feeling it has begun to all together escape me.

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