Soul Transfer

Dancing among the stars an iridescent hue accented the romance floating around the room. They were so moved by the night’s festivities it seemed nothing could go wrong. Her favorite song was playing, all she wanted to do was dance... Martini’s were a necessity. He hoped she would not find out he rented the tuxedo he was wearing. He felt that would kill whatever magic that tinted their vision towards pleasure. The truth was she wouldn’t mind. Beauty never lies in the material, she knows that. This type of love would be a soul transfer in and of itself.

my anxiety is just unprecedented at this point. Yet, it just seems that my understanding outweighs it. There are so many aspects to life that seem to be an uphill battle until death, then the soul transfer to another world is complete. So close to oblivion, So close to success. This type of pressure and stress can be pillars for an array of outcomes. “I must navigate this vessel incredibly wisely.” he says to himself. “Do I truly feel up to the task? no, but as I understand it noone ever is, the only way is through, onward and upward!” he slams the whiskey back, and thinks of her…..

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