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Thalassophobia- The persistent fear of bodies of deep, dark water, and what exists below.

Here I am again. I have to check in. My mind is crawling up and down the thought spectrum. Could this really be it? is she the one? Is this the place? Allow it to roam free I must.. Love is such an agent of chaos, it is also the golden of the skies, the highest of the highs. Here it will all land, of this, I am sure. An orphan boy I felt like, it left me all baffled, and confused.

The leaves are falling off the trees in the park as I walk around the pond observing the ducks. It has become very evident to me that things always slow down right before the autumn ushers in the holidays; followed by the cold winter.

Currently, I am in the very early stages of building what I consider to be a marvel of humanity, a marvel of artistic endeavors.

We are stagnant, or we are source-finders. I seldom see much of a grey area in this field. Who knows?! perhaps i’ll sell my future as an NFT. Maybe i’ll open up a food truck that sells broken dreams with sides of lost souls. I feel like no matter what glue you are using, or what you are gluing, it never sticks. I light a cigarette and walk away from any human contact due to what I consider anti-social courtesy. I just want to hold an asteroid.


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